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New  Colorful Abstract Art

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Commission a New Painting


Here you can purchase colorful abstract art directly from me, an award-winning, internationally collected artist. After you choose the painting you love and check out, I will carefully package your painting and ship it to you with tracking and insurance. I have a 100% happy collector track record, and I hope that one of my paintings will brighten your home and bring you joy!

Colorful Abstract Art

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. I love color, and in my abstract work I am able to focus just on color, texture, and design ideas. A lot of these paintings come out looking like “something” but most of them are pure non-representational abstraction. However, there is a series of geographical abstract paintings in this gallery, based on inspiration from NASA photographs of Earth taken from space. Let me know if you can tell which ones those are.


Tiny Treasures

If you are looking for a way to start an art collection, or need a small piece for a small space, I have “tiny treasures” available, which are tiny colorful abstract art pieces. They are 6″ square, and are created with just as much care and quality as the larger pieces but on a small scale. I have two of them on a tiny wall space between a door and window, and they make me smile! I hope you find one or two that will make you smile.


Custom Commissioned Colorful Abstract Art


I also offer commissions for people who want a larger piece to fit with their homes. Commissioned paintings are all unique, just like non-commissioned artwork. I make the process easy by communicating often durring the process and giving you the chance to approve the painting before it ships. I have 10 years experience painting commissioned representational artwork, and so far I have a 100% happy collector track record! I have gotten wonderful feedback from collectors. After putting my heart into a painting, it’s so nice to know that it is loved!

I am blown away by this painting and we will treasure it forever. Thank you so very much for this.

-Teah (Wisconsin) 


My Background

I started out as a representational artist, and for about 28 years worked on honing traditional painting skills. I am best known for my landscape paintings of South Dakota, and my mom and baby portraits. My portraits of people, horses and pets, and landscape paintings have shown in galleries in South Dakota, Washington, California and Kansas. My paintings and portraits hang in homes from Florida to Washington and every region in between, as well as Canada and Ireland. I am a member of the Institute of Equine Artists, the South Dakota Artists Alliance, former member of the American Impressionist Society and the Oil Painters of America

I started painting colorful abstract art about a year ago, and am hooked!


Wondering How to Choose Art?

New collectors often wonder how to choose colorful abstract art with confidence. I believe strongly that the best method is to choose a painting that makes you happy! A great painting can make you smile every time you enter that room and can lighten the mood in that room.


Art collecting should be fun.

Sometimes you need to know how a painting will work in your space. If you love one of my paintings but want to see how it looks in your home before purchasing, I can composite a photo of your room and of the painting together. It’s a regular service I provide for interior designers and collectors, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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