In Situ photo – thanks Carrie!

Last night I received a text with a photo of Island in it’s new home! I love photos from collectors!! Thank you so much.


Update to my supplies for artists post:

Color – I’ve used hard body, soft body and liquid acrylics, alcohol inks and acrylic inks. All of those things mixed very well with the MasterCast, but the the acrylic ink and acrylic hard and soft body paint all made the Liquid Diamonds seize up. It literally boiled in the cup and then turned disgusting.

With the Liquid Diamonds I did get great success with powdered pigment (which I got in a Settle art store about 20 years ago and had stored ever since), and with High Flow Acrylics which I really enjoy using.

Seahorse, painting with resin, acrylic paints, acrylic inks, and alcohol inks.

Resin paintings are much harder for me to photograph accurately than other art materials. It is so shiny! The photograph below where you can see my reflection is the most accurate photograph of the darkness of the painting. But the painting will reflect the person whose home it lives in. 🙂

The other photos are in direct sunlight, and show the actual patterning of the painting more accurately.

With this series, I’m working on getting both the beautiful earthy, geological looking texture, as well as the contrast between the textural areas and the spots and pure color areas. It’s painted with resin, acrylic paints, acrylic inks, and alcohol inks.

I am saving this painting for a gallery (I’ll update you about that), but am planning some additional paintings with the same sort of texturing. Pre-orders are available! (And the same “love it guarantee” applies to pre-orders.)

Thank you for your interest, and have a great week!

~ Jessie

Coastline Auction & 4 New Paintings on Paper

Coastline, 16″ x 20″, acrylic and resin on canvas, BID HERE. No Reserve.


I’ve just opened the auction for my most dramatic and successful medium sized resin and acrylic painting so far. It’s called Coastline. The green area has a surface texture that you can see if you look closely (click the image to the left). If you have not seen a resin painting before, they have the quality of stained glass. And as for photographing them… imagine trying to photograph a mirror and capture what the mirror – not the things it reflects – looks like. It’s just about impossible. But I’ve done my best. 🙂


On a personal note, we just got back from a whirlwind trip to my hometown, Seattle. We got to visit family and see my cousin get married. It was so nice to see my family. We also got to eat great food. Pho, Thai, Sushi… And a way too short day through Yellowstone on the way – that’s a picture of my guys at the park entrance. I could love spending a whole season there… If you also follow my representational work, you’ll be seeing paintings of Yellowstone National Park soon.

Works on Paper

I’ve been working with acrylic paint on thick watercolor paper. I love the texture and luminosity of the paint on paper.

Yellow Dot, 24″ x 18″, acrylic on watercolor paper, $249.


Blue Spring, 24″ x 18″, acrylic on watercolor paper, $249.


White Spring, 24″ x 18″, acrylic on watercolor paper, $249.


Yellow Spring, 24″ x 18″, acrylic on watercolor paper, Available.


I love painting on paper! Good, heavy watercolor paper, that is. The tooth and give are just right… I’d love to know how collectors feel about paper versus canvas. Do you have a preference?

Here is one of my new paintings that I’m really excited about.

Effervescent (16 x 12 x 3/4″, $215, ready to frame) has amber and plum tones, with some nice patterning underneath and peaking through. On the left is a closeup detail. You can see the wonderful complexity. It was painted with a mixture of acrylic, alcohol inks and resin.

Because of the sheen of this glass like resin, there’s a tremendous color shift with different lighting – or just leaning to the left or right while looking at it. I took the picture at top with the lights out and blinds closed to avoid reflections. The actual color of this painting is a rich amber. Newsletter subscribers get first shot at this painting. If you’re interested email or call. I’ll put it on my store and make it available to the public on Monday if it’s not grabbed up first.

Isn’t this lovely? This space really needed something but because it was so narrow it had remained empty. Now it looks lovely. Sometimes you just need a small painting – or two.

If you have a space like this, check out these 6×6″ paintings. Just contact me to purchase now, or look for them in the shop on Monday. Thanks for subscribing, and have a great weekend!


blue abstract painting
Plum Waters, angle
blue abstract painting
Plum Waters, SOLD







blue abstract painting
Teal Crescent, angle
blue abstract painting
Teal Crescent, $39.
blue abstract painting
Life, $49.
red abstract painting
Yin, $39.
red abstract painting
art gallery store
Here’s my little photography area.



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