Here is one of my new paintings that I’m really excited about.

Effervescent (16 x 12 x 3/4″, $215, ready to frame) has amber and plum tones, with some nice patterning underneath and peaking through. On the left is a closeup detail. You can see the wonderful complexity. It was painted with a mixture of acrylic, alcohol inks and resin.

Because of the sheen of this glass like resin, there’s a tremendous color shift with different lighting – or just leaning to the left or right while looking at it. I took the picture at top with the lights out and blinds closed to avoid reflections. The actual color of this painting is a rich amber. Newsletter subscribers get first shot at this painting. If you’re interested email or call. I’ll put it on my store and make it available to the public on Monday if it’s not grabbed up first.

Isn’t this lovely? This space really needed something but because it was so narrow it had remained empty. Now it looks lovely. Sometimes you just need a small painting – or two.

If you have a space like this, check out these 6×6″ paintings. Just contact me to purchase now, or look for them in the shop on Monday. Thanks for subscribing, and have a great weekend!


blue abstract painting
Plum Waters, angle
blue abstract painting
Plum Waters, SOLD







blue abstract painting
Teal Crescent, angle
blue abstract painting
Teal Crescent, $39.
blue abstract painting
Life, $49.
red abstract painting
Yin, $39.
red abstract painting
art gallery store
Here’s my little photography area.



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